Overcoming Obstacles and Disincentives

to Climate Change Mitigation:

A cross-cutting approach by human and social sciences


Open data coming from social media and dedicated to climate change

Twitter corpus about climate change

This corpus includes data from media, politicians,  and population accounts that twit about climate change-related subjects.

Corpora were collected in 3 countries: Belgium, France, and Norway and can be downloaded below.

This corpus is available to all, provided that the following reference is cited:
Pizarro Pedraza, Andrea; Catellani, Andrea; Samofalova, Yuliya, & Cougnon, Louise-Amélie (2022), European Twitter corpus about Climate Change, Dataset Publication, Open Data @ UCLouvain [online] https://doi.org/10.14428/DVN/4ONWW7 (14 October 2022)

README file – Readme-TwitterCorpus-Climate

Contact person:

louise-amelie.cougnon@uclouvain.be – Dr Louise Amélie Cougnon

Instagram corpus about climate change

The present corpus reflects the most recent Instagram posts by opinion leading organisations, opinion leaders, and thematic hashtags related to climate change communication in three countries: Belgium, France, and Norway.

The media files from the corpora can be accessed by demand.

Contact persons:

 yuliya.samofalova@uclouvain.be – Yuliya Samofalova, PhD researcher

louise-amelie.cougnon@uclouvain.be – Dr Louise Amélie Cougnon

Survey data about climate change

To be published soon…